We designed a new meeting room for Sir Mary, one of Switzerland's leading agencies. The room is colored entirely in grey, creating an incredibly immersive atmosphere. A 6.6-meter-long meeting table is crowned by a custom-made light installation consisting of five manually curved light strips that can change colors.
Interior Architecture: Simon Husslein & Silvia Baumgartner
Chandelier: Simon Husslein

Photos: Marcel Rickli


BEYOND.PLACE was founded in 2023 by Simon Husslein and Arne Magold to create one-of-a-kind worlds for immersive experiences.

Virtual reality experiences often aim to replicate physical spaces. This can create a sense of realism that can also feel deceptive and unauthentic.

We create VR native environments that are beyond physical representation. Our abstract designs are easily identifiable as virtual and can therefore be enjoyed for what they are.

We use complex procedural codes and AI to create unique solutions. Our technology enables real-time collaboration.

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Creative Direction: Simon Husslein


ART EXHIBITION | Werkschau & Haus Konstruktiv | 2023

Werkschau presents the works of 24 selected artists who have applied for a grant to Kanton Zürich Kultur. Simon Husslein has been co-curating the exhibition as scenographer alongside Duscha Kister at Museum Haus Konstruktiv in Zurich.

Participating artists: Akosua Viktoria Adu-Sanyah, Antoine Félix Bürcher, Benjamin Egger, Céline Brunko, Dominik Zietlow, Elio Lüthi, Esther Kempf, Gabriele Garavaglia, GIGAX, Gregory Tara Hari, huber.huber, Isabell Bullerschen, Ivana Jurisic, Latefa Wiersch, Lithic Alliance, Lourenço Soares, Malerduo Boskovic-Scarth, Paulo Wirz, Rebekka Steiger, Riikka Tauriainen, Stirnimann – Stojanovic, Talaya Schmid, Thi My Lien Nguyen, Willimann/Arai.
Scenography: Duscha Kistler & Simon Husslein

Photos: Peter Baracchi

THE OTHER HOME | VR installation | HEAD – Genève | 2023

"The Other Home" is a VR project that explores the expansion of the concept of "home" into the digital realm. The word "home" typically refers to a physical structure in which a person lives, such as a house or apartment. However, the psychological and architectural qualities of digital "homes" are still being explored and defined.

In this project, a group of 17 students envisioned and created nine different VR worlds that were published on the social VR platform VRChat. All environments share a playful and experimental refinement of atmospheric quality and symbolism. To create these worlds, the students compared and applied various experiences from both physical and virtual environments.

Students taking part in the exhibition: Mélanie Affolter, Melissa Bitto, Dylan Braun, Luna Clertan, Minna Compoint, Yaroslav Dubeniuk, Ilena Escher, Clara Faure, Lea Gruaz, Tal Kashi, Elena Llosas, Paul Rigal, Stéphanie Pereira Sacramento, Anna Smiian, Fanny Tauxe, Lou Vanille Tissot-Daguette, Elisa Torres Ferreira.
Under the direction of Simon Husslein, with the assistance of Damien Greder

Images & videos: HEAD – Genève

HEAD – Genève:
Director: Lada Umstätter
Head of Department: Javier F. Contreras
Scientific Deputy: Valentina De Luigi

Unity teachers: Charles Chatas, Simon Senn


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