CHANDELIER | light installation | The Circle | 2020

A large-format light sculpture hangs in the center of a generous architectural body in “The Circle” at Zurich Airport. The arrangement of twelve elements creates a chandelier, the warm light of which shines through the rooms and onto the visitors. The fine, rhythmic programming of the tapes creates a poetic overall choreography of light, reflection and shadow.
Design: Simon Husslein

Curators: Primocollective

Photos: Cemil Erkoc

ART EXHIBITION | Werkschau & Haus Konstruktiv | 2020

Werkschau presents the works of 30 selected artists. They apply for a grant by Kanton Zürich Kultur. The exhibition is on display at Museum Haus Konstruktiv in Zurich. Simon Husslein was invited to support the development of the scenography of the exhibition.
Scenography: Duscha Kistler & Simon Husslein

Photos: Peter Baracchi

IM FLUSS | exhibition | Forum Schlossplatz | 2020

The literature exhibition 'Im Fluss' includes a wide selection of media around the theme of water and rivers. Selected paragraphs of written texts are displayed alongside sculptures, paintings, photographs, videos and artefacts. We designed this exhibition including the outdoor sculpture for the poem 'Wasserinventar' by Ilma Rakusa consisting of 37 individual concrete stones.
Scenography: Simon Husslein

Photos: Peter Koehl 

NEON | light installation | Modissa Beauty Stories | 2020

Neon installation at Modissa Beauty Stories, Bahnhofstrasse 74, Zurich. Size: 4 x 2 Meters. Produced and installed by Roland Ammann, Switzerland.
Design: Simon Husslein

Interior Architecture: Simon Husslein & Silvia Baumgartner

Photos: Atelier Simon Husslein, Andrea Diglas 

HANNES BINDER | exhibition | Strauhof | 2020

This exhibition brings dark to light. Hannes Binder, one of the most celebrated illustrators and graphic novel artists in Switzerland is using the scraperboard technique were a piece of white board that is covered with a layer of black ink. Using a cutter to scratch and scrape, the artist then exposes the white beneath the black. Hannes binder is well known for his unique combination of imagery and literature. The exhibition aims to display the essence of his work in an immersive way by placing the artworks in a darkened room were the backlit images are the only light source on the narrative path walk.
Scenography: Simon Husslein

Photos:  Zeljko Gatterich


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