REFUGE TONNEAU 21 | pavillon | HEAD – Genève | 2021

REFUGE TONNEAU 21 was developed as a tribute to the iconic Refuge Tonneau by Charlotte Perriand and Pierre Jeanneret from 1938. The pavilion serves as a place to meet on the schools campus. Central stairs are placed inside a colourful interior with a playful pattern of circular windows. Solar panels on the roof run a ceiling light installation displaying the names Charlotte and Pierre. The installation was shown at the OPEN HOUSE exhibition in Genthod/ Geneva in 2021.

Students taking part in the project: Annika Resin, Aurélie Chêne, Camille Némethy, Caroline Savary, Élise Chauvigné, Gaïane Legendre, Julie Reeb, Juliette Colomb, Karen Vidal, Krenare Krasniqi, Maria Clara Castioni, Melissa Ferrara.
Under the direction of Simon Husslein,
with the assistance of Damien Greder, Sven Högger

Students taking part in the development of the pavillon: Juliette Colomb, Élise Chauvigné

Photos: HEAD – Genève, Baptiste Coulon

HEAD – Genève:
Director: Jean-Pierre Greff
Head of Department: Javier F. Contreras
Scientific Deputy: Valentina De Luigi

CAD support: Abeyi Endrias


We designed the new office for SiR MaRY, who has been awarded as Switzerland's “digital agency of the year’. The workplaces are arranged around a custom made, nine meter long office table with integrated storage spaces. The room is lit by a 12 meter long LED light strip that forms the agencies logo. For small meetings in the main room we built a free standing tete-a-tete cube, that is completely covered by a copper mesh to minimize the reception of electromagnetic waves including Wifi and mobile phone signals, suggesting a very analogue use of the space. The main meeting room is colored entirely brown with carpet reaching up to its ceiling, containing a central meeting table with gold-plated table top.
Interior Architecture: Simon Husslein & Silvia Baumgartner 
Customized Furniture: Simon Husslein

Photos: © SiR MaRY

STUDIO APARTMENTS | interior architecture | Schiff 70 | 2019

Where the Gasthaus “Zum Schiff” once stood, there are now 15 modern studio apartments. House No. 70 on Zurich's Limmatquai offers its residents a stylish retreat to live and work in. In 2018, a first group of studio apartments was renovated in a contemporary way. The interior architects Simon Husslein and Silvia Baumgartner were responsible for the design and implementation of the rooms as well as the renovation of the staircase and the corridors. The original finishing quality and aesthetics were retained and supplemented in a targeted manner. The rooms are optimally structured and designed with exciting color contrasts. This gives the historical place new life and new impulses.
Interior Architecture : Simon Husslein & Silvia Baumgartner
Photos: Marcel Rickli

SHOWROOM AND OFFICES | GlaeserWogg | 2013

Studio Hannes Wettstein was chosen, in a competition, to renovate the company headquarters of the companies Glaeser and Wogg in Baden-Dättwil. The industrial complex was extended with a cubic entrance area. Large panes in the façade and at reception allow views into the works. The first storey, with the showroom and a working area, was opened up into one space; a glazed meeting room is located in the centre of this. The whole upper level seems to glow brightly. The light sources – glare-free fluorescent tubes – are hidden between the acoustic panelling in the black ceiling. The white floor that also reflects the light enhances the glowing effect.
Headquarter Glaeser Wogg, Switzerland 2013

Interior Architecture:  Studio Hannes Wettstein

Photos: Hannes Henz

KASSENSTURZ | TV studio | SRF | 2012

As proposed by the editorial team, the new set of the television channel SRF’s consumer programme Kassensturz references a boxing ring. Abstract, oversized and illuminated boxing-ring ropes surround the studio. Monitors are integrated in the wall design. At the centre of the ring stands the moderation sculpture, which offers numerous, spatially exciting possibilities for moderation, conversations and presentation.
TV Set for SRF, Switzerland 2012

Set design: Studio Hannes Wettstein

Photos: SRF/ Gian Vaitl