FLY, FORMPARK, FLY! | exhibition | Bauwerk Parkett | 2014

A variety of Formpark parquet designs are projected on the floor of the darkened entrance area. They attune visitors to the installation that awaits in the next space: it is a swarm of birds that fly, full of longing, towards a setting sun. The wings of the movable bird mobiles are constructed from two planks of the Formpark parquet product. A light wall in the background bathes the scene in colourful light. And so the play of forms of the brushed Formpark flooring under the birds can also be discerned. On the way out an illuminated counter and small sections of wood invite visitors to compose their own Formpark parquet design.
Installation at Designers’ Saturday 2014

Scenography: Studio Hannes Wettstein

Photos: Beat Bühler


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