CAVE CREATURES | exhibition | horgenglarus | 2014

A totem made from bentwood frames greets the visitor to the Ruckstuhl carpet factory’s dark basement vaults. A distant ringing draws them to a cave-like space – tree roots grow from the ceiling and it smells like earth. A herd of odd creatures stand amid clouds of mist, each made from elements of horgenglarus’ chair production. They move their heads and thus make the chimes at their throats sound. The beings look towards a stage on which the new chair from horgenglarus is raised: klio. A brightly lit passage where the new piece – in its long and short arm versions – can be examined more closely leads the visitor back to reality.
Award: Designers’ Saturday Silver Award 2014

Installation at Designers’ Saturday 2014

Scenography: Studio Hannes Wettstein

Photos: Roth und Schmid


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