BN0106 | watch | Braun | 2011

The characteristics of the Braun watches from the 1970s and 1980s, such as their clean lines and functionality, are re-interpreted by Simon Husslein. A completely new display has come about: the reduction of the display to just eight characters, divided into two rows, brought about a radical simplification. The casing makes a harmonious relationship between the main elements of the watch. Technically, the Braun Matrix can be identified by its intuitive interface, which allows all functions to be controlled using a small electromechanical scrolling wheel. In addition, a movement sensor ensures efficient energy management.
Awards: red dot Award 2012, iF-Award 2012 and Good Design Award 2011
Design: Simon Husslein,
Studio Hannes Wettstein

In collaboration with Ventura and Braun

Photos: Zeon Ltd.