THE EVIL TWINS | installation with Container | London | 2007

A Haunted House in the Enchanted Forest – Be prepared to leave reality at the door as you descend into the sensory trickery that is the home of the Evil Twins. Tea party guests drop to their knees as they crawl through a maze where they encounter the shifting dimensions of the drawing room, library and a secret chamber. Teased with illustrated hint the guests will glimpse photographic fragments of the Evil Twins’ story and their involvement in The Seven Ominous Incidents. Expect to feel intrigued, compelled and a little nervous as you travel through this unusual installation.
While Hackney shows the claustrophobic interior of the Twins' dwellings this installation suggests the hallucinatory surroundings of The Haunted House. Tea Party guests fleeing the Haunted House can expect to be thrown back into sensory chaos as they are drawn along corridors of unstable vanishing points before being cast out into the Enchanted Forest, still unsure if they are awake or asleep. The Evil Twins will work more of their trickery at a midnight picnic under the Magic Tree; a tree that holds the key to yet more undiscovered domains.

In 2006 Simon Husslein and Container teamed up to build the first Haunted House in Hamburg, Germany. One year on London audiences are invited to experience an updated version: The Evil Twins' domain has grown to incorporate two locations containing amongst other things an enchanted forest, a maze, a magic tree, a secret chamber and a forgotten library.

Simon Husslein and Container are collaborating with photographer Patricia Niven and performance group 1927 to achieve this ambitious project that spans illustration, set design, performance, projections and photography.
Location 1: THE HAUNTED HOUSE at the basement of Le Gun's Curiosity Shop, Hackney, London 2007
Location 2: THE ENCHANTED FORREST at Highbury Studios, Holloway, London 2007

Scenography: Simon Husslein

Photos: Simon Husslein

Illustrations: Container


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