STUDIO APARTMENTS | interior architecture | Schiff 70 | 2019

Where the Gasthaus “Zum Schiff” once stood, there are now 15 modern studio apartments. House No. 70 on Zurich's Limmatquai offers its residents a stylish retreat to live and work in. In 2018, a first group of studio apartments was renovated in a contemporary way. The interior architects Simon Husslein and Silvia Baumgartner were responsible for the design and implementation of the rooms as well as the renovation of the staircase and the corridors. The original finishing quality and aesthetics were retained and supplemented in a targeted manner. The rooms are optimally structured and designed with exciting color contrasts. This gives the historical place new life and new impulses.
Interior Architecture : Simon Husslein & Silvia Baumgartner
Photos: Marcel Rickli


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