SPACE DUALITY | VR installation | HEAD – Genève & USM | 2019

Entering the seven different VR projects of ‘Space Duality’ while being placed inside or on top of custom built furnitures does transfer the viewer into an unseen environment full of surprises. While some of the projects have an enchanted charm about them, others challenge us on how we would define what ‘interior spaces’ are in general.

‘Space Duality’ as part of the USM Design Grant was set up as a semester project in the department of Interior Architecture at HEAD, Geneva School of Art and Design. A group of twelve students developed projects offering completely new space related experiences that are immersive and deeply emotional.

Students taking part in the exhibition: Mélissa Ferrara, Brian Grenier, Kanya-On Khurewathanakul, Julia Miclos Moura, Hyeryeon Nam, Johanna Picard, Rébecca Sanmartin, Caroline Savary, Sonia Schwerdtel, Ophélie Surchat, Lydia Campana, Aurélie Chêne.

In collaboration with the USM FONDATION.
Awards: FRAME AWARDS 2020 - innovation award, Red Dot Award: Brands & Communication Design 2020

Under the direction of Simon Husslein, with the assistance of Lara Grandchamp

Photos: HEAD – Genève, Emily Bonnet

Video: Directed & Edited by Atelier Simon Husslein, Camera, Lighting & Sound Recording by Sophie Dascal

HEAD – Genève:
Director: Jean-Pierre Greff
Head of Department: Javier F. Contreras
Scientific Deputy: Valentina De Luigi
Unity teacher: Michaël Martin